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Google asked US students in grades K-12 to design a Google logo around the theme 'What if...?' Here are the 40 finalists for 2008...
The Winner of the Google Doodle Contest

Up in the Clouds
My doodle, "Up in the Clouds," expresses a world in the sky. This new world is clean and fresh, and people are social and enlightened. Every person here is treated as family no matter who they are. The bright sun heats this ideal place with warmth, love, and brightens everyone's day.
Grace Moon
Canyon Middle School
Castro Valley, California

What if the Google logo had a Gothic twist?

It would evoke the focus on height, and expressing emotion through structures. The design features would focus on detail and creating a great impression, showing the might of the establishment if represents.
Name: Paul Massicott
School: Haddam-Killingworth High School
State: Connecticut
Rainforest Creatures

What if we could save the rainforest? Rainforests combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and they provide us with numerous resources such as food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial goods that we use in everyday life. It is essential that we save these wonderous forests for the good of the planet.
Name: Kristen Birdsey
School: Hopewell Valley
State: New Jersey
What if Artificial Intelligence flourished?

What does the future hold? What if artificial intelligence was allowed limitless enhancement? I believe that technology will reach a point where machines will be engineered in our image. Using our own anatomy as a stepping point, what if the pursuit of perfection results in the new age of robotics?
Name: Zachary Urtes
School: Patapsco High School And Center For The Arts
State: Maryland
Wisdom At Your Fingertips

What if... What if wisdom and power were at your fingertips. You just might have the answer for everything - Google
Name: Whitley Sullivan
School: Boca Raton Community High School
State: Florida
What if Peace was Possible?

My doodle is showing the hope that we all have, of someday having peace in our world. If we all work together, and love each other, someday, this hope may become reality.
Name: Shelby Whalen
School: Corunna High School
State: Michigan
What if Google became a peace maker

Peace, one of the most important factors in the world, makes our life absent of hostility and harmony. And children are our future peace makers. It children can review my design "peace maker Google" or use Google to search for the peace, the world can become better and sweeter.
Name: Alice Cao
School: Thomas More Prep - Marian High School
State: Kansas
Helping Hands

What if you needed a helping hand? There are people all over the world who could use your help. They are injured, starving, suffering, and sick. What if we took action? Imagine yourself in their situation. Wouldn't you want a helping hand? What if we all lent a hand?
Name: Cherry Rose
School: Lynn Camp High School
State: Kentucky
Live Music

Music, something that many believe affects emotions and inspires our daily lives. Inspired by the Moonlight Sonata, Firebird Suite, The Planets, Flight of the Bumblebee, Four Seasons, and the Waltz of the Flowers, I say “What if…music came alive for us, in every way, musically, emotionally, and realistically!"
Name: Victoria Flores
School: Fort Worth Academy Of Fine Arts
State: Texas
Splashing Google

When I think of "What if…" I think of an abstract idea to express your opinion. So what better way can you think of than "Abstract Impressionism?" What if the Google logo was up to Jackson Pollock? This is my impression of Jackson Pollack and the Google logo together.
Name: Gabriel Kitzman
School: Elbert School Dist. #200
State: Colorado
Machinated Leisure

What if our reliance on machinery to carry out simple tasks crossed the boundaries of technological advancement and we distorted our flesh to the extent that so little remained of what made us human that we became but a twisted, robotic caricature of our former selves.
Name: Mariam Hovhannisyan
School: International Community School
State: Washington
Once Upon A Google

What if the world was full of magic and fairytales? Take a bite of the apple, dear, and all your wishes shall come true. When the last petals falls, all your greatest dreams will be yours. Our world is becoming black and white- I'd like to add a dash of color.
Name: Kim Schortmann
School: St. Peter Tri-Parish School
State: Rhode Island
The Google Sign

What if communicating was as easy as reciting the alphabet? Does the world have to hear to communicate? Would people be better listeners if they couldn't hear? Maybe the world would be a better place, if we all communicated in silence.
Name: Molly Kestenbaum
School: Louis M. Klein Middle School
State: New York
Changing Seasons Were Bold

What if life revolved around plants? My doodle represents how I see a world filled with lush greenery. Each season would bring its own exotic beauty, color that calls to the eyes in a beckoning way. Serenity is brought by the grace of the seasonal dance.
Name: Daniel Miller
School: Jackson Jr. High School
State: West Virginia
Imagination knows no bounds.

It knows no limitations for what you can dream, achieve, or aspire, or believe. The desire to innovate, with newfound capabilities, helping to change doubt into possibilities. Imagination is an endless rainbow of thoughts, that may lead you to wonder, can pigs fly? Well, why not?
Name: Allison Press
School: Chapel Hill High School
State: North Carolina
What if the Rainforest were saved?

In the future, what if there were rainforests everywhere? What if people could work together to preserve and restore nature instead of destroying it? The world's rainforests are shrinking and many species have lost their habitat because of humans. What if we could change this?
Name: Rebecca Olene
School: Pioneer Ridge Freshmen Center
State: Minnesota
Perspectives on Escher

What if M.C. Escher and his perspective of unreal possibilities became a mascot for Google. He took our understanding of the world around us and re-examined it using his own personal lens. He helps us see possibilities before we could imagine them. Isn't that what Google does today by fostering our own ability to invent and share new ideas?
Name: Belinda Mahama
School: Ames Middle School
State: Iowa
Painting To Life

What if….everything I drew came to life? Then every time I drew a person they could get up and talk to me. If ever I drew an elephant , a snake, or a butterfly, I could keep it as a pet in my backyard.
Name: Hannah Newsom
School: Glennwood Homeschool
State: Arkansas
If There Were World Peace

What if there were world peace? The world would not be threatened by weapons, riots, or war. People of all races would respect one another. Prisons would be empty, and churches would be full. How I desire to live in a world like that!
Name: Callie Roberts
School: Independence Middle School
State: Oklahoma
Save the Planet

What if everyone recycled? Would Earth have a chance for survival? If we start today imagine what can happen tomorrow.
Name: Leslie Saldaña
School: Spring Valley High School
State: Nevada
What if we met aliens?

What if we came into contact with aliens? We would have to make accommodations for our new "friends", or we would try to study them to figure them out. Likely, they'd speak a different language. We can't begin to grasp the endless possibilities.
Name: Shanna Schacher
School: Wahtonka Campus
State: Oregon
Hand in Hand

What if … the world stops racism, and all people , black and white, and all religions, can join together. Most people think racism has been over for a number of years, but everywhere in the world people are still battling because they are different.
Name: Brendan Lynch
School: Barnstable Horace Mann Charter School
State: Massachusetts
Lending a Helping Hand

What if the whole world lent a helping hand? There wouldn't be homeless people. Also, we'd all have equal rights. There would be angels, no devils, and only heroes. There would be peace on earth. That's what would happen if the whole world lent a helping hand.
Name: Hanna Goldstein
School: Deerfield Elementary School
State: New Jersey

What if every sound was a symphony? For my Doodle 4 Google project, I had a musical vision. I think more people should appreciate music in a different way. If every sound was a symphony, we would live in a world of different patterns of sound, different tones and pitches.
Name: Hyland Slade
School: Old Donation Center
State: Virginia
Thinking Like a Goldfish

What if fish could think? Would they teach the world to think green? Small changes can make a difference. We switched over to biodegradable pesticides and less toxic cleaning supplies. Water pollution is a major problem…What are you going to do about it?
Name: Michael Mendenhall
School: Mendenhall Homeschool
State: Florida
Doodle Day

What if there was Doodle Day? On Doodle Day, everyone draws doodles with lines and colors them, all throughout the U.S. When they are done, we create and connect a massive Doodle poster!
Name: Connor Pogue
School: Sayre Elementary
State: Michigan
Exploration Space

For my "what if" question, I thought and thought and the idea that kept coming into my head was, what if we could explore all of space. I mean if you think about it, we do not know that much about the universe that we live in.
Name: Joel Weikert
School: Western Hills Elementary
State: Iowa
Mystical Beasts-Study of Googleology

What if serpeants, dragons and mystical beasts ruled and roamed the world. I picked this theme because it reminds me of my favorite place to be - my imagination! The dragons and serpents on the letters are the most important part of my doodle and best express what I am thinking about.
Name: Cameron London
School: Lusher Charter School
State: Louisiana
What a Wonderful World

What if I can fly through the peaceful gardens freely like a butterfly? What if I could swim in the blue ocean like a beautiful mermaid? Google is like a rainbow that can take me whenever I wan to go. I wish for world peace and a healthy environment.
Name: Rose Miao
School: Pattison Elementary School
State: Texas
Reach for the Stars

What if. Two simple words that have led mankind to achieve incredible accomplishments that were once thought to be impossible. Among these amazing feats are the Wright Flyer, missions to the moon, and the space shuttle. We must keep asking “What if,” and be inspired to reach for the stars.
Name: Karl Berg
School: Home School
State: Colorado
Friendship Rules

What if we could all be friends? My vision is that everyone in the world has a friend to laugh with, to dance with, to play with, to tell secrets to, to be with, If everyone has a friend then the world will be a happy and peaceful place.
Name: Jordan Perry
School: Christ The King School
State: Vermont
If the Whole World Rocked

I think that people can express themselves in a creative and energetic way with music. I think that the whole world would be happier if they rocked out to the music they love.
Name: Spencer Norton
School: Ashbrook Elementary School
State: New Jersey
A Fish Swallowed a Google

What if a fish swallowed a Google? He might oogle, zoogle, or boogle. He might get full before the gle and eat only the Goo. Poogle! The Goo comes out. And the fish goes swimming about.
Name: Sean Staats
School: Paden City Elementary
State: West Virginia
Bug Day is Awesome!

What if we celebrated Bug day? We would respect all the bugs of the world. We would also dress up as our favorite bug on Bug Day and do as many nice things as we could do for others. We would also try tasting some of the many edible insects.
Name: Ciearra Purvis
School: Sebastian Elementary
State: Florida
We lived under the sea

Living under the sea would be so cool. Eels and sting-rays would be at my school! A colorful turtle and a peg-legged crab just hopped on a dolphin instead of a cab! My friend the octopus makes me smile. He scared away a crododile!!
Name: Nathan Viola
School: Spencer Pointe Elementary
State: Illinois
Google Nature

What if… we all took care of our earth's nature? We would see colorful fish swimming in our streams. We would see beautiful butterflies dancing in the wind and birds flying gracefully. We would see bunnies bouncing through the tall green grass. What if… we all cared about Earth's nature?
Name: Anna Price
School: Overland Trail Elementary School
State: Kansas
Spring into Google

What if there was not spring…Could we still see those beautiful and colorful flowers? If there weren’t flowers, could butterflies and bees get the pollen? If there were not butterflies and bees, who would take the pollen to grow other flowers? Spring is a beautiful and colorful season.
Name: Sarah Bezerra
School: Millcreek Elementary
State: Kentucky
Living in the Earth

What if we live inside the Earth also in the future. It will give us a lot more room. We can have air vents for oxygen, tunnels for transportation, food storages, drinking water generators. We can use a lot of energy from the Earth's core.
Name: Sai Sameer Pusapaty
School: Pond Springs
State: Texas

What if every day was a picnic with ants crawling in and out of the basket?
Name: Cassie Hoots
School: Atlas Elementary
State: Idaho
My Sun and My Moon

If I can, I would make another sun and another moon. I would control their temperatures. When it's too cold, my sun would make the earth warm. When it's too hot, my sun would cool the air down. I'll also make my moon do the same things at night.
Name: Nicholas Zhang
School: Argonaut Elementary School
State: California