Here are some really fun movies and jokes we've seen on the internet - enjoy....

**Berlitz Language Lesson**

Paint like Jackson Pollock (new)

Skate Boarding Dog

Golfing with your friends

Safe Sex


Penguin Pals

Fruitcake Lady

A Tasty Snack

Easy Fishing

Mental Health HotLine

Freakin Brother Pianists

Another Pianist...

Who Brought The Ring?

We Didn't Vote For Him Either


Golf Jokes

Eye Stoppers

Eye Stoppers Part 2

Don't Honk at Old Ladies

Doing Yoga with Baby

Ski Music

Goodnight at the Door

DUI Dance

Only In...

I Love You Dog

Smart Dog

Another Smart Dog

And Another Smart Dog

Animal Pictures

Funny Cats

Smart Elephant

Ordering Pizza

An Amazing Juggler

or...a little more juggling

Smart Seagull

Light Show

Really Cool Animusic Segments:

Pipe Dream (3:24)

Stick Figures (5:20)

Drum Machine (3:56)

Starship Groove (3:01)

Aqua Harp (3:52)

Amazing Kinetics:


Blue Balls

Alan Becker - Animator verus Animation

Great Painting Hands - AT&T ads

Test Answers

Amazing Savant

2 yr old Pool Shark


Elizabeth Gilbert
talks about genius, creativity
and doing one's work

Beautiful Song
Les Chansons des Roses Dirait

Fun Geography Game Baby Elephant Birth
The Orangutan and the Hound
Nespresso Pixie Coffee Dance Troup - Black & White Tights dancing to the
German folk-rock polka band Hiss

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